6 Best Signs From the Climate March

If you’ve been watching the news anytime in the past several years – or been active on social media – you know that climate change has become a major point of debate. Scientists around the world agree, with overwhelming certainty, that human-caused climate change is a real thing despite the uninformed opinion of certain people in power.


Because of this uninformed opinion, as well as the propensity for partisan politics to occur at the expense of actually getting things done and the stranglehold the petroleum industry has over society, meaningful action toward mitigating the damage from climate change has yet to occur. And we are running out of time.


Where the scientific community previously put the worst consequences of climate change to begin onset in the 2050s, recent data puts the tipping point in the 2020s. In short, we have a dozen years to stop or slow down climate change by altering our lifestyle and radically changing our energy footprint.


The negative effects of climate change include, but are not limited to:


  • Rising sea levels
  • Rising temperatures
  • Extreme weather patterns
  • Food shortages
  • Water shortages
  • Disrupted ecosystems


Climate marches, during which activists carry signs that call for meaningful action against climate change, occur frequently. If you want to participate in one of the marches, it helps to have a sign with a funny, poignant, or witty message. We’ve collected several of the ones we feel are the best from several different climate marches so you can get inspiration.

“The More You Talk, The More We Sink”

The More You Talk, The More We Sink is licensed under CC BY 0


What we like about this sign is that it illustrate the dangers from rising sea levels. As the concentration of carbon dioxide increases in the atmosphere, it prevents heat from reflecting into space. In turn, this causes the atmosphere to heat up. Normally, the polar regions are constantly below freezing and the ice caps are safe.


If the temperature continues to increase, the ice caps and glaciers in the Arctic and Antarctic will melt, causing the sea levels worldwide to rise over 100 meters. This is enough to make many coastal and low-lying cities uninhabitable by the 22nd century. It isn’t just cities on the coasts that have to be concerned. Areas like New Orleans could be affected.


Politicians seem to be unable to come to any meaningful course of action, while coal and oil industries put out more and more pollutants into the air. Until meaningful action is taken, the climate of the planet is at risk.

“Science Not Silence”

Science, Not Silence by Dcpeopleandeventsof2017, licensed under CC BY 0


This sign’s slogan, while intended more for a general science march, applies quite well. Although overwhelming scientific evidence points out the human factor in climate change – specifically, that humans are causing climate change to occur far more suddenly than it would without our presence – there are still plenty of politicians who wish to deny funding for research.


They do this on the grounds of not having enough money. However, plenty of money seems to exist for funding wars with tenuous-at-best goals or paying to keep large corporations afloat. The welfare of the planet is insignificant compared to the power of money.


Of course, you can’t solve problems simply by throwing money at them. But without proper funding, many science-based departments, including NASA and various climate research specialists, benefit from funding because they can hire more staff, purchase better equipment, and conduct thorough research into the problems facing human existence on Earth.

“Without Science, You Can Kiss Uranus Goodbye”

Without Science, You Can Kiss Uranus Goodbye by bones64, licensed under CC BY 0


We’re always in favor of a good pun to get your message across. Childish and vulgar though it may be, it raises a valued point: without access to valuable science, we will neither develop the technology to explore the outer reaches of the solar system nor would we survive the ravages of climate change long enough to do so in the first place.


For the record, if you want to talk about the planet past Saturn without sounding immature, the best pronunciation is probably “Oranos”, like the ancient Greeks spelled the name. The other two common pronunciations lend themselves to a lot of vulgar humor. However, as we said, the pun is too good to pass up.

“There Is No Planet B”

There Is No Planet B by Garry Knight, licensed under CC BY 0


The message here should be obvious. Thus far, humans have only managed to flourish on planet Earth. We have not yet developed the technology to colonize other planets that lie in the so-called “Goldilocks zone,” in which the planet is far enough from its star to allow temperatures such that water can exist in a liquid state naturally.


Such planets are few and far between, and whether they exist is debatable. We only can guess at the composition, the temperature, and the gravity of planets in question. This isn’t even getting into the ability to get there. The closest star to us, Proxima Centauri, is four light-years away.


A light-year, the distance light travels in a year, is approximately 6 trillion miles. Light travels at about 186,000 miles per second. Trying to travel that distance alone in the spacecraft we have now would take millions of years. Therefore, Earth is the only planet we have or are likely to have for the foreseeable future.


“Help Reverse Climate Change Before They’re All Gone”

Help Reverse Climate Change Before They’re All Gone by Edward Kimmel, licensed under CC BY 0


Many people who participate in a climate march focus on the ecosystem for wildlife, rather than sole effects on humans. Of course, a damaged ecosystem eventually affects the whole biosphere because everything is connected. However, this sign gets right to the point. It shows various species of wildlife that have gone extinct or are endangered due to human actions.


Rising temperatures, erratic weather patterns, and other complications damage the environment. When wildfires spread throughout a forest, these woodland creatures have nowhere to go. They rely on the forest for their food and shelter. Life evolves to survive in a specific niche, and if that niche is taken, they die off.


The sign in question portrays various woodland creatures, which eat smaller animals that could otherwise flood into developed areas and cause problems for people and animals living there.


“If The Climate Were A Bank It Would’ve Been Saved”

If The Climate Were a Bank It Would Have Been Saved licensed under CC BY 0


This sign gets straight to the point. In 2008, when the recession happened, many of the larger banks received bailout checks from the government. Those billions of dollars that were given to the banks could just as easily have been given various agencies that could work to prevent climate change. Rampant venture capitalism, was, unfortunately, a priority.


It’s similar to the popular meme quote “If trees had Wi-Fi there would be no deforestation. Too bad they only produce the oxygen we breathe.” Without trees, without the environment, without a hospitable planet, the human race would die off within a generation or two. Therefore, it’s always necessary to protect the planet on which we live.

How to Get Involved in a Climate March

To get involved in a march against climate change denial or inaction, search online for marches happening in your area. Once you have the location, date, and time, you can then show up. You may have to contact the organizers for details, but for the most part, it’s a come-as-you-are affair.


Make your sign, if you choose to carry one. It should probably be on a sturdy material like several layers of posterboard. When writing your slogan, the font needs to be legible and large enough to see from a distance. Also, you should write or draw in an indelible medium. You don’t want humidity or rain to cause all your hard work to smear.


When you march, observe all laws and rules of behavior. Law enforcement officers will have marked off a route for the march to follow, so do not deviate from that. Follow all directives given to you by officers; getting arrested for disorderly conduct isn’t going to be any help to your cause.


Plan for the weather by wearing appropriate clothing. If you think it’s going to be hot weather, wear short sleeves, shorts, and plenty of sunscreen lotion. Wear light-colored clothing to reflect heat and prevent yourself from overheating. For the same reason, take plenty of water with you. Either water or sports drinks help to keep you from being dehydrated.


Know where your route takes you. If you have a friend willing to go with you, take them as well. Otherwise, leave a note about your plans, including where you are and what time you plan to be there. This way, if anything happens to you, people know where to start looking.


If you want to do your part to fight against climate change, join a climate march. Contact your representatives in your state and federal jurisdictions and urge them to take measures to protect the environment. Stay informed about how they vote, and be prepared to vote for them, or vote them out of office if necessary. Above all, stay informed. By doing so, you can do your part to leave a sustainable world for future generations.