The 10 Best Solar Companies In The World In 2018

The transition to renewable energy sources is well under way. A large portion of this has come in the form of solar technologies. Businesses that focus on solar have been huge job creators in recent years. They also provide quality products that help keep our environment clean. That is why we’ve put together this list of the top solar companies in 2018.

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1. Trina Solar

One of the leading module manufacturers in the world, Trina Solar is unique in that it designs its equipment to be utilized at all levels of the value chain. They can be utilized in large scale utility solar projects, commercial and industrial applications, as well as smaller residential systems. Their quality products and flexibility in the market place make them one of the ten best solar companies of 2018.

2. SolarEdge

This all around photovoltaics company makes our list of best solar companies because of their integration of both hardware and software in their products. Not only does SolarEdge make cutting edge inverters, but they also outfit them with state of the art monitoring technology which ensures the consumer can always stay on top of their array’s performance. Their production of optimizers also aids in boosting the performance of systems using their products.

3. Tesla

Tesla is certainly one of the best electric vehicle companies but now, thanks to their acquisition of SolarCity, has positioned themselves to be one of the best solar companies as well. They realize that those interested in electric vehicles are usually the same type of consumer who would see value in pairing it with a residential solar array. The more integrated and useful a solar system becomes, the more value a consumer is able to get out of it.

4. Verengo Solar

This residential installer is the only of its kind on this list. Although it is a smaller company, Verengo’s dedication to quality customer service helps them land a spot on this list. Verengo Solar helps customers see the long term value of investing in a residential solar system that will offset their high cost of electricity. Hopefully, other residential installers will follow their lead to expand the popularity of home solar systems.

5. Jinko Solar

A module manufacturer by nature, Jinko Solar has also began to expand their solar project development capabilities. There are many governmental hoops to jump through when developing alternative energy projects. Consequently, any company that can master this is deserving of a place on a list of best solar companies.

Development of utility scale solar is so difficult because the amount of profit per kilowatt hour produced is so low and thus there is very little room for error. Jinko Solar, however, has found a way to master the space and assert themselves at multiple stages within the solar value chain.

6. SMA Solar

A German based photovoltaics company, SMA Solar specializes in inverter manufacturing and monitoring software platforms that afford users a great deal of insight on their projects. Their diagnostic tools include dozens of error codes that can be traced back to specific issues within the system and fixed in a timely manner. This allows solar site owners to minimize downtime of their arrays and maximize production of electricity.

7. DC Solar

This unique solar company offers a variety of off grid solution to their customers. This includes stand alone solar generators, electric vehicle charging stations, and light towers. DC Solar is able to offer these incredibly innovative technologies at a fraction of the cost of their competitors due to thoughtful engineering and sound business practices.

8. Unirac

This is the only business included on this list of best solar companies that does not work directly with solar technology in some form. Unirac instead manufactures the racking systems necessary to mount and utilize solar modules. Whether its on the roof of a building our out in an open field, Unirac finds a way to engineer the optimal mounting system for these very heavy panels.

Their website even offers a tool to give you a rough idea of the prices you should expect to see depending on the size of your array. Minimizing the cost of racking can greatly increase the profitability of a solar project. One should never overlook this aspect.

9. Canadian Solar

One of the few companies not based in Asia, Canadian Solar has long provided some of the highest quality modules to markets across the globe. They are a results driven manufacturing entity. Canadian Solar has produced and shipped more than 22 gigawatts of solar modules. Their clients range from single family households all the way up to some of the largest utility scale solar arrays in the world.

They employ over nine thousand workers with good paying, reliable positions. This is one of the main reasons they have ended up on this list of best solar companies. By investing in their employees, they can expect for this growth to continue well into the future.

10. NextEra Energy

This electric services company is one of the largest investors in solar energy development in the United States making it one of the best solar companies on this list. Since 2001, NextEra has lowered its reliance on foreign oil by 98% due largely in part to the expansion of solar generation in their portfolio.

Summing Up

The solar industry is booming. This is largely due to positive outlook from consumers and government policy that is conducive to developing more renewable energy. If you or your business are considering going solar to lower energy costs, then the above list is a great place to start when doing further research on your own. Our natural resources are finite. Thus, it is imperative that we begin making the transition to renewable technologies as quickly as possible.

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