The Earth Project Sustainability Pledge:

The Earth Project is committed to being a positive force for the future of our environment, through education, research, and helping fund sustainable projects.

We pledge to:

1- Protect and honor mother Earth

2- Act for the planet by making global warming an urgency, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and choosing clean energy.

3- Respect, protect and preserve our resources to ensure future generations a greater tomorrow.

4- Reduce our impact on the environment by individual and institutional actions, by exploring options in alternative transportation, waste reduction and recycling, appliance efficiency and awareness of how the decisions we make affect our personal environment and the world as a whole.

5- Adopt a sustainable lifestyle: the collective efforts of individuals can make a huge impact for conserving resources and protecting the environment.

6- Protect and respect animals, their natural habitats and biodiversity, endangered species and communities.

7- Cut down on meat consumption and favor vegetable consumption: Feeding, housing, processing, transporting, and selling meat uses way more energy — and water — than simpler foods like fruits, grains, and vegetables. Plus it’s healthier!

8- Reduce energy, water and food waste, for a more equitable sharing and preservation of our resources.

9- Choose local and organic products: by reducing transportation and chemicals, we make a healthy choice for us and the planet.

10- Reduce our plastic consumption, and favor reusable and recyclable goods:

too many plastics are responsible for killing animals in the ocean, by ingestion.

Take the pledge!

I pledge to live a more sustainable lifestyle. I will consider the environmental, social, and economic impacts of my daily decisions and make every effort to be responsible in these areas. I will also share my individual sustainability efforts with others and in my community to inspire people in making conscientious choices for the planet

Sustainability Pledge

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