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Alphapot | Made from food waste to grow easily in nature


We love nature, but realized that when trying to bring nature into our modern homes, they were grown in unnatural environments, with pots made from plastic and other synthetic materials. We wanted a pot for our plants that allowed them to Grow Easily in Nature, so Alphapot was born!

Made from food waste to grow nature, Alphapot is 100% biodegradable, 100% Food Waste Fiber+ Vege Starch + Emulsion, 0% plastic(PP,PET…) 0% bio-plastic(PLA), helping to reduce and repurpose food waste in a more beautiful way.

Any kind of waste created is a burden on our environment, putting a strain on already precious resources, including water, land, and energy.

We often take food for granted and never think twice about our consumption behaviors, but food waste in particular is a major source of greenhouse gas emissions, as it typically ends up in landfills or is sent to incinerators, contributing to global warming and climate change. The vicious cycle that is created from the food that we waste each day is astonishing.

What if food waste could be turned into something useful? We believe that more can be done with the food waste created.

Food waste is given a new life when sent to the repurposing factory instead of landfills or incinerators. After going through the processes of mixing, drying, and pressing, a new biodegradable material is born, transforming the vicious food waste cycle into a virtuous one.

100% Food Waste Fiber+ Vege Starch + Emulsion, 0% plastic(PP,PET…) 0% bio-plastic(PLA).

Zero waste created and reducing food waste at the same time! Alphapot is our first step in turning waste into a resource, in using food waste as a material, we hope to let design and nature take care of your plants.

Alphapot is designed with a round base to hold a plant from a standard 4 inch pot, and the square opening feature allows for pots to be interconnected. The engravings around the base area of the pot enables Alphapot to decompose back into nature more efficiently.

Alphapot is designed to hold water in a corner reservoir of the pot and together with a wick system that extends into the reservoir, your plant will draw just the right amount of water needed to feed itself.

This self-watering system works for any type of plant, taking the worries off your shoulders and giving you the green thumb you’ve always wanted, just remember to keep the Alphapot reservoir full.

The name Alphapot is taken from the words “alpha – the first” and “alphabet – the basic elements in a system which combine to form complex entities.”

Each Alphapot is a basic element, designed with modularity, and can be combined together in endless ways to build an oasis for any kind of space. The more the merrier to create your personal garden.

Alphapot is made to be directly transplanted into the soil when your plant outgrows the pot, and since it is made from food waste, it is 100% biodegradable and becomes nutrients for your plant to grow as it breaks down in the soil. Taken from nature and returned to nature!

You will get to choose 1 color from the choices of Earthy Beige, Vege Green, and Fruity Yellow for your Alphapot set in a survey sent out shortly after our campaign is successful

We are a biolab and design studio startup from Taiwan that brings together biologists, botanists, landscape designers and architects dedicated to biological research, conservation and innovation.

Through biology observation and experiment, we apply biological technologies in designing bionic products and developing eco-integrated system solutions. Last but not least, we seek to work with scientists looking for applications of their research and technologies.

Risks and challenges

At Bionicraft, we believe that nature, science and design can be combined to change the vicious food waste cycle. With the Alphapot project, we want to continue to share our belief with the Earth Project community, where we’ve found like-minded supporters and hope to create greater change together.
Having learned from our previous Biovessel project, we are now more knowledgeable and prepared for all the complications involved in bringing a project to life. We look forward to taking on this journey with your support and will keep you updated along the way as we trust you’ll enjoy the process of reconnecting with nature!


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