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Bringing the Amazon to America’s kids


I’m making an original comic (in poster form) for schools and nonprofits to teach children about the Amazon rainforest.


The Amazon Forest has been described as “the lungs of the world” because it ‘inhales’ and stores so much carbon from the air, and contributes over 20% of the world’s oxygen. It is also the largest rainforest on Earth and is so diverse that it has many species of plants and animals that science still doesn’t know about yet!

The forest outside of Manaus, Brazil
The forest outside of Manaus, Brazil

Unfortunately, this ecosystem is threatened by human activities, especially industrial agriculture, and it’s up to all of us to make sure the Amazon Forest doesn’t go extinct.

All it took for me to want to save the rainforest was a children’s book. That’s why I’m creating an original comic to teach kids about the Amazon Forest, The Rainforest Report. The comic (in poster form) follows Maria, a biologist working in the Amazon. She tells kids about the forest, how it’s disappearing and why, and encourages them to be Amazon Ambassadors to help the planet.

A completed panel from the poster
A completed panel from the poster

But printing and shipping are expensive. I need your help to get the first 100 copies of this poster printed and distributed to schools and nonprofits across the United States — any amount, or sharing this video, goes toward enriching kids’ educational spaces and saving the rainforest. We can help keep the Amazon rainforest’s present and future safe by inspiring young people to become the next generation’s conservationists like I was all those years ago.

Risks and challenges

I am currently in the process of obtaining my Master’s degree, and would not be able to finish the poster until after I graduate in April 2018. That’s why my project updates are estimated to be released in June, and shipping of the final product is estimated in December. This will give me enough time to complete and send out all posters.


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