EcoPet Bedding

Go Green, Go EcoPet! 100% Eco-Friendly, Renewable, Biodegradable, Recycled Pet Bedding. Helping The Environment And Your Pets!

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Bonsai I Made In Recycled Pot And EcoPet Bedding
Bonsai I Made In Recycled Pot And EcoPet Bedding
Marble And Rajah Posing In The Play Box :D
Marble And Rajah Posing In The Play Box :D
Elsa Loves The Warmth! Shes Awesome
Elsa Loves The Warmth! Shes Awesome
Loki Loves Playing In EcoPet Bedding!
Loki Loves Playing In EcoPet Bedding!
Go Green And Save Green!
Go Green And Save Green!
As Someone Who Taught Micro To Macro-Evolutionary Biology Its Been My Love And Passion To Work With Many Species Of Animals From Around The World. In This Time I Have Seen All The Dirty Secrets Behind Companies Advertising Pet Safe Products When They Are Harmful And Poisonous. I Am Tired Of Organizations Selling Products Like Pine Or Cedar Woodchips For Pets That Are Toxic And Deadly, While At The Same Time Contributing To Mass Deforestation! So I Decided To Create A Safe And Affordable Bedding For Both Plants And Animals That You Can Actually Trust. I Look Foward To Sharing This Journey With You And This Is Where It Begins! What Is EcoPet Bedding: EcoPet Bedding Is Made From 100% Recycled Cardboard. Created From Safe Non-Toxic Wood Like Aspen And Birch That Are Sustainably Farmed, Not Cut Down And Taken From Animals! A Renewable And Biodegradable Clean Substrate Your Pets Will Love! My Goal Is To Create An Affordable Eco-Friendly Bedding So You Can Help The Environment, Care For Your Pets, And Save On Your Wallet. All Equipment Will Be 100% Electric, Never Burning Fossil Fuels To Create This Bedding. With Your Helping Hand, We Can Make This Goal A Reality!

Below Is A List Of Benefits This Product Will Provide-

Animal Benefits:

Clean, Mite And Insect Free, Dust Free, Non Toxic, No Sharp Edges, Highly More Absorbent Than Wood Shavings, Helps Eliminate Odors, Great For Burrowing And Nesting With Ease, The Corrugation Holds Down And Radiates Heat, Holds Moisture And Makes Spot Cleaning Easy, Plus It Last Longer Then Straw For Farms, And Saves Money. Great For Mammals, Reptiles, Birds, Amphibians, Insects, And Arachnids.

Plant Benefits:

Biodegradable, Natural And Renewable! Adds Nutrients To Soil, Attracts Worms To Fertilize By Keeping Soil Moist And Cool, Holds Moisture And Is Very Absorbent, Makes Cuttings Root Easier, Perfect For Mushroom Farming - Grow Shiitake With Ease! And Incredibly Affordable. Great For Any Plant. Please Note The Bedding In The Images Are A Prototype, Final Product May Be Aesthetically Different :)

Risks and challenges

I Have Started This Project But Need Your Help To Complete It. All The Funds Will Go Into All Electric Machinery To Manufacture, State And Federal Legal Fees To Begin, Negotiating Better Prices, Employee Payroll And The Space To Create It. Together We Can Fight Climate Change, Combat Deforestation, Defeat Corrupt Companies And Make A Cleaner And Safer Environment For Our Pets. We Can Do This With Your Help, Thank You!
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Free Small Bag - With An Honorable Donation of $5-$9 Get A Free Small Bag Of EcoPet Bedding Upon Opening!

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Estimated Delivery: Jun, 2018
  • 02-03-2018

    Another Step Forward!

    Currently Discussing Packaging And Label Details. Its Your Help And Support thats Gotten Us This Far! Please Be Sure To Share Link With Others To Make This Dream A Reality! If You Have any Questions Do Feel Free To Ask, Thank You Everyone! SHARE LINK TO SUPPORT ME :)


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