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Green Up has identified a market demand for a low-cost hydroponics system. Initially, we propose to build and install 4 of our self-contained hydroponic systems in local Schools.  The purpose of these systems is to educate kids on nutrition and how to grow food from seed.   Once installed, the Green Up system is a low cost, sustainable method to support education, nutrition and food production. Each 5 1/2’ x 3’ hydroponic system can be fully installed for $595 per unit including seeds and starter plants. System includes a Reservoir for water/nutrients, Plant Trays, Water and Air Pump, a Grow Light, a stand that holds everything securely, all piping/fittings, as well as starter plants and nutrients. The initial project gets our system out in the market place and provides a valuable learning tool for our schools.  Our success in growing vegetables, herbs and greens with kids will show everyone how easy this is.  The schools have provided us access to their classrooms so we can film/photograph the experience they are having. We believe there are many uses for this low cost, self contained system -  other examples include homes, apartments/condos, food banks and homeless shelters.   You don't need a greenhouse to grow healthy, green food - you just need 16 square feet of space, a power outlet, and a little patience to watch your garden grow.

Risks and challenges

We have known suppliers and the technical knowledge to implement our project. There is a slight risk of rising cost of raw materials but nothing we could not handle for this project. Longer term, there is risk that we have over-estimated the market potential of this system. We could make the system even smaller, but then the production would likely not warrant the time, effort and expense because you still need light, water and air circulation.
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