Orangutan & Rainforest Conservation

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In May 2017, I had the privilege of travelling to Borneo (Indonesia) with Dr. Birute Galdikas, the world renowned scientist who has studied orangutans for over 40 years.  I went deep into the rainforest to observe orangutans in their natural environment-an environment that's sadly and quickly disappearing. Dr. Galdikas and her foundation, Orangutan Foundation International, is in a race against time to save the Indonesian rainforest before it's too late.   We share 97% of our DNA with these amazing creatures, and there is so much more to be learned-but we need to protect the environment in which they live.  Dr. G made a personal plea to those of us on the trip to help raise 10k to help her and OFI purchase 30 hectares of land-land that would otherwise be sold to palm oil producers, or be developed into housing, thus displacing orangutans and other species.  I committed to raising $1,000.00 by the end of July.   These animals are helpless in the face of chainsaws and human destructiveness, and they need an advocate.  I'm doing my small part, by contributing funds, and by raising awareness about palm oil (it's in everything-check your labels!).  Thank you to all who contribute and raise awareness!  The orangutans I met-Carlos, Gita, Mason, Jeffrey, Percy, Mario-they thank you too.  As Dr. G said, "When you look into the eyes of an orangutan, you can see their soul, and you're never the same."
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