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Providing The World With Clean Drinking Water



Our Mission

Nearly one billion people on our planet lack access to clean water. That’s 1 person in 7. Lack of clean water kills more than all forms of violence in the world, including war.

Arguably, the easiest way to save the most human lives for the least money and the most sustainable is by providing life-giving, life-saving clean water. 

Our organization is dedicated to taking trips all over the world to provide wells and water filtration systems to the unreached and for those who don’t have access to clean water. We also sell cases of water, individual water bottles and teas and lemonades here in the United States and for every bottle sold it provides clean water for 1 person for an ENTIRE year.

Our beverage brand uses a simple sales model: You get something awesome, and you give something amazing.

By buying a refreshing, delicious beverage, you’re automatically helping end the world’s water crisis by donating funds directly to clean water projects.



Since Humankind started, over 120,000 people have been served access to clean drinking water


Well number 3 is in a community called Thaticherla, in Andra Pradesh, India. The Local village Sarpanch is Mr. Narasaiah. The well serves 1025 people. The people of Thaticherla are very grateful because they have gone a long time without clean water. Dirty, unhygienic water from a small lake nearby was the water they were needing to drink before Humankind Water made this donation. They are elated that it will reduce the instances of diarrheal disease.


We were invited to a “ribbon cutting”. We expected a handful of people to show up and folks would shake hands and say thank you. Yeah. The entire town showed up. There was a band, flags, banners and dancing. The elders, the mayor (called a “Sarpanch” in Indian culture) local press, and the entire neighborhood showed up. You would think we were there for the ribbon cutting at a Library. It was unbelievable. The threw flower pedals and decorated us with garlands.

Man, you would think water was a basic necessity of life.

Thanks to you, lives are being changed with clean water!


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