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Saving the Rainforest Through the Performing Arts


Diamond Girl, a comedy that premiered in Madison, WI on Earth Day 2018 was such a success that a Broadway production company wants to help the president of Save the Rainforest produce it in NYC in order to raise awareness about the rainforest and to generate income for rainforest conservation.  The first step in this process is to conduct what is called an “industry reading” for  investors.  The second step is to rent a theatre and hire actors with the backing of investors.  The third step is rehearsing.  The fourth step is opening night.  If the show is well received it could mean millions of dollars for saving the rainforests and lots of good exposure for the cause.  This would be a fantastic return on the $15,000 needed to fund the industry reading.

Risks and challenges

There are two risks with this project. The first would be lack of interest on the part of the investors who attend the industry reading. The second would be a poor showing at the box office. The risks will be minimal because the show has already been well received in Madison, WI and because Ken Davenport is the Broadway producer who is interested in helping us. He has won a Tony Award for ‘Kinky Boots’ and his experienced team will be contracted to manage and market the show.


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