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The Hybridships Project – Freedom With Free Energy

A new way of living green with the freedom that comes from free energy: A self sufficient way of living on an energy efficient boat.

Description is an informational and promotional site that reveals the advantages of living an ecologically sustainable life on houseboats powered by the latest eco-friendly technology. I’m Val Gorsky and I created this site to bring my ideas for sustainable houseboats to the attention of those interested in eco-friendly living. I am an electrical engineer and entrepreneur and have dedicated my life to using modern technology to create eco-friendly and sustainable living spaces. I was able to place this website online in 2012 with the help of Jurgen Huber, creator of the Bauhaus Barge project.
The website also reveals my wish to introduce people to “Eco tourism”.

My next hybridship, the Biteme, will be designed to cruise the last “untouched” canals of Eastern Europe. Many Eastern European waterways are untouched by humans because they are designed for the functional processes of drainage and flood control.

It is becoming increasingly clear to European governments that these canals can be used for environmentally friendly transports they won’t remain untouched for much longer.

I look at the canals and see an opportunity for a unique experience – to see the forgotten waterways before they change forever by using this hybridships for Eco-tourism.

How Can You Help?

My partner and I own a canal tug boat that was built to cruise the water canals in Eastern Europe. The tugboat, built in 1965 in Poland, is currently being transformed into a hybridship and will be retrofitted with the latest solarcell, solarlens, heatpump and battery technology.

Over the past two years we have spent many hours and poured countless resources into the project, in order to produce a new way to travel and the opportunity to live an environment friendly life on a boat.

This lifestyle affords the ultimate freedom in living, and we want to give people the chance to travel Europe’s waterways in total silence and experience the most beautiful nature parks in Europe. The best thing about the entire experience is that the energy needed to power the boat is 100% renewable and absolutely free.

For those who care about the environment and want to join in an effort to bring sustainable living to the masses, this is the perfect opportunity.

Functional Living With Environmentally Friendly Technology

The hybridship Biteme is being built using the most economical and ecological technology available today. It will be powered by 2 Agni Lynch 143, 22 kW at 48V electric motors and it’s batteries will be charged via solar / wind / shore power or, in emergencies, a converted diesel engine.

Biteme will be classified as a category D-Inshore vessel, will be surveyed, CE marked and have a Boat Safety Certificate. Her dimensions are 18 m x 3.9 m, and she has bed space for 12 people in 3 cabins, two toilets and galley. With its low draft of 60-70 cm and flat bottom the ship is designed for inshore and canal boating and can sail where few normal boats can.

The high-performance lithium batteries at 34 kWh are a new but proven technology from the automotive industry. Twin propellers make the vessel very maneuverable and she can sail where no other ships of the same size can. Although some of the technology used will be advanced in nature, it is proven technology that is currently being used in many industrial operations. The specific technology used on the Biteme includes:

  • Solar panels – highly efficient and used with the advantage of watereflection.
  • Watersolarlenses – As seen at, these lenses are a cheap method to heat water around a boat for the heat-pump.
  • The electrical Agni Lynch 143 engine with a 93% efficiency factor.
  • The electrical installation is AC/DC for effectiveness.
  • The battery bank uses the latest technology from the car industry.
  • The insulation involves modern standards and the material used such as 3glass windows will insulate the ship.
  • Water Lens – This is a water parabola lens (made of plastic sheet that focuses the sun rays and reach temperatures in excess of 400 C. The water lens is a cheap and ingenious way to use excessive heat from the sun. A video introduction to Water Lens can be viewed at :

The Benefits of Being Involved

Those who choose to join this effort will have the opportunity to sponsor a groundbreaking new way of living and even try it themselves by sailing on an electrically powered ship in the last wilderness in Europe.

Imagine traveling in comfortable luxury and in total silence on a boat powered by 100% environment friendly energy.

The hybridship is the tourism wave of the future in Europe. It is a boat that will allow people to cruise the untouched canals of Europe and view rare animals like the endangered European bison, without scaring them away.

We have come to the Earth Project community to help get this ship sailing down the river. For the members of this community the project offers the chance to get involved on the ground floor of a great eco-friendly project and since the company is new and based in UK investors can potentially take advantage of the SEIS Scheme and receive an investment tax deduction for investments between 500 to 100 000£.

What Others Are Saying

Those who have earned about the project are giving it glowing reviews. Here are some of our favorites:

That is amazing.. If I would’ve had the money at this time I would buy it without a doubt in my mind! Wonderfully intriguing boat.” Anton S
 “ This is an amazing, outstanding – we need this in Cambridge – now! Come and build them here” Chris D

Resource Material:Link to the Bauhaus Barge project:

Article about the Bauhaus Barge project: a similar concept, all rights reserved to the owner:


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