The ‘I Hate Running’ Fundracing Campaign

I hate running but signed up for the NYC marathon. I can’t enter the race without your support!

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Help me get this out of the way.

I hate running!

I hate how I breathe like a pig. How my limbs fumble like noodles. How my hair splits down the middle without mistake every single time. And most important of all, I hate how hard it is! Yet, here I am. 1 month away from the NYC Marathon, asking for your support so I can enter.

Why am I doing this to myself?

Because I’m not running alone. 10 months ago, out of curiosity, I joined Back on my Feet (BoMF), a non-profit that helps homeless people restore confidence and strength through running. Members, who maintain 90% attendance of the running program, will receive access to employment and housing resources. I started running with the team at 5:30AM a few mornings of the week. Together, we ran through the snowstorms of NYC, the melting heat of the West Side Highway, and over countless miles, bridges and boroughs. The best part is that I was always cheered on by one of the guys at Samaritan Daytop Village -- a recovery program and shelter for homeless veterans.

Why fund-racing?

I'm not officially qualified for the marathon. The only way I can gain entry is by fundraising for an NYRR charity partner. I've chosen to raise $3,000 for Back on my Feet (BoMF) and have chipped in $300 of my personal savings because I strongly believe in their mission. I believe that the discipline in running can be transferred to all areas of our lives and that a supportive community can get you anywhere. Please support me as a backer of this beautiful mission. Thank you!
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