World’s First Modular, 100% Recyclable Cat House

Dynamic cat playground with endless combinations. Friendly for Cats, You, and the Earth! 100% Recyclable – Fun, Safe, Eco-Friendly.


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Humans need a warm and safe environment to live in: the same thing goes for cats. We realized the importance of safety and space for cats since we started living with them - they seem to feel a lot more comfortable and relaxed in a small and narrow space, much like how blankets feel to us. We believe that neither cats nor humans should compromise anything when living together (aesthetics, comfort, and convenience). So we found the delicate balance between what we need and what our cats need - a mini-building that made our cats very happy, without having to sabotage the aesthetics and comfort of our home interior. This is how Room Collection came to be.
Strengthened double-layer cardboard that is designed to be extremely strong, lasting up to 1 year of feline use and 45lbs/20kg payload per module.
With the patented connectors, the Room Collection is 100% recyclable and easy to assemble. We've combined the principles of origami with patented designs, to create connectors that can hold various modules in a safe and secure way, without the use of any tools. We’ve also avoided complicated instructions to keep the assembly process as easy as possible.
patented connector
patented connector
Creating a 100% recyclable cat house that is sturdy (1 year of feline use and 45lbs/20kg payload) is no easy task. And here we are, making not one, but many, many sturdy cat houses that can be stacked up, and still be eco-friendly. Being 100% recyclable means every component of the Room Collection is made with all natural and biodegradable materials. Reduce, reuse, recycle.
Providing a dynamic playground for your cats doesn’t mean your living area has to be compromised. With our interior design background, we believe that functionality and aesthetics must go hand in hand for optimal living quality. We strive to create a space where humans and their feline counterparts can co-exist in harmony.
The ingenuity of our design is that each room can perfectly exist alone, but also combined with others. You can use them following in their original intended combination, or adapt to your cats personality, and change again the overall structure as many times as you want depending of taste and available space.
Room Collection 2.0 Prototype
Room Collection 2.0 Prototype
  • Hunting Instinct
We know that domestic cats are hopelessly bored in the house. So aside from having toys for them to play with, providing a space that allows them to express natural instincts is also key to raising happy, healthy cats. Being inside boxes align with cats’ hunting behavior to ambush from secretive and cryptic hiding spots.
  • Safe zone
When cats aren’t getting ready to ambush, they also enjoy chilling in enclosed spaces such as boxes and pantries, much like humans with blankets, it’s a comforting sensation to be hugged and wrapped around. Boxes help cats to cope with environmental changes and stressors. They represent a safe zone where sources of anxiety, hostility, and unwanted attention don’t exist.
  • Warmth
The temperature range in which humans are comfortable is 66ºF-77ºF / 24ºC-30ºC. That is 20ºF/6ºC lower than the range cats feel most comfortable with. They like soaking in the sun or hiding out in an insulted area for warmth. We see similar behaviors in big cats as well. Felines' affection towards boxes is undeniable. So there you have it: boxes are insulating, stress-relieving, comfort zones for your furry companions. They can hide, relax, sleep, and play sneaky attack (in whack-a-mole fashion) in their perfect hideout.
Chacha and Lily were born in a garden in Taichung (central Taiwan), during the winter of 2015. They lost their parents and were rescued by the local neighbors when they were only 8 weeks old. We met Chacha and Lily on Christmas eve, and immediately brought them to Taipei (northern Taiwan) with us. The change in environment was too much of a stressor for Lily, she didn’t eat or drink for three days since arriving our home. She would stay in the corner of our bed, all curled up, and not have any energy to move. Chacha stayed right by Lily, trying to cheer her up. Even with the help of vet and medicine, nothing worked to get her eating and drinking. Finally, a friend suggested us to bring her a bardboard box. We were shocked to see Lily went into the box immediately, and came out for food in just an hour! That cardboard box was literally a “life-saver” for Lily. We’ve witnessed the importance of boxes for these feline friends first hand. Boxes have never left our house since then. One box became two, and a pile of them. Soon enough, the little compound we pitch-patched together for Chacha and Lily began to look like a slum in our home. These random boxes we collected were also too fragile.
After months of looking for what’s ideal for our needs (us humans and our cats), we were disappointed – most items in the market were expensive, ugly, inflexible in design, and unsustainable. We spent another year creating what became to be the original Room Collection. We wanted it to include everything our cats needed, while not intruding the aesthetics and functionality of our living area. A Cat Thing was born out of our own experience, created to make our cats happy and healthy. We believe you care for your feline companions in the very same way. With Room Collection 2.0, we upgraded the packaging so it could transform into 2 more modules, in addition to the original 5-piece set.
We’ve partnered up with organizations and cat cafes that help save cats from around the world, such as Zen by Cat and Kitten Rescue LA to name a few. Your funds can help us create a product that is healthy for cats and zero waste to the environment, while proceeds from this campaign will also be partially donated to our partners.
Room Collection 2.0 includes 2 additional modules, in addition to the original 5-piece set. With the added Terrace and Floor modules, your cat(s) will enjoy a playground that has never been so dynamic. A very unique litter scoop and wheatgrass growing kit (a design you've never seen before!) are also under development, we are so excited to share our A Cat Thing journey with you!
idea sketch
idea sketch
Terrace – 27 x 27 x 8cm (1 piece)
Floor – 26 x 26 x 2cm (1 set)
Room – 27 x 27 x 27cm (2 pieces)
Livingroom – 27 x 27 x 54cm (1 piece)
Balcony – 27 x 27 x 38cm (1 piece)
Ramp – 27 x 27 x 38cm (1 piece)

Risks and challenges

The Room Collection 2.0 is an improved and upgraded version of the original Room Collection. The design and prototype are completed, we just need your help to push through the final stage of production. You WILL receive a full set of retail-quality Room Collection 2.0 on time. Our 1000+ past customers have been happy with both the product and service. However, if demand becomes overwhelmingly high and/or unforeseeable challenges occur, there may be some delays. We will be sure to keep you in the loop and do our best to resolve any issues that may affect our timeline.
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