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Solar-Powered Outdoor Lighting

  • Creation Date : October 11 , 2023
  • Location : United States
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  • Project Info : Install solar-powered LED lights in your garden or outdoor spaces.
  • Service Needed : Packaging
  • Funding Amount : 20
  • Other Types : none
  • Vision : Our vision is a world where outdoor spaces are elegantly illuminated by the sun's energy. We strive for beautiful, energy-efficient gardens and pathways, where solar-powered lighting not only enhances the ambiance but also reduces the global carbon footprint
  • Project Stage : Seed
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  • Project Type :
  • Donations : $Material
  • Waste net saving amount : Varies

Posted By :The Earth Admin

Date :October 11 , 2023

Mission Statement

Our mission is to bring energy-efficient and eco-friendly lighting solutions to outdoor spaces. By harnessing the power of the sun, we aim to enhance the beauty of gardens and pathways while reducing energy consumption, contributing to a greener planet

Why is this Product green, sustainable or friendly for our planet?

Reduces electricity usage and emissions by using renewable solar energy.

Why are you motivated to do this project ?

Enhance outdoor aesthetics, improve safety, and reduce electricity bills.

Explanation how they come up with this forecast in terms of Cost & CO2 savings

Reduces electricity consumption.


William Metivet

Date :October 11 , 2023

Great Product

Amazing project to do alone while relaxing or together in the garden as with a family.

Prakhar ag

Date :November 04 , 2023

Nice Project