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The Earth Project is a super tool that audits, filters and showcases inventions and projects that protect and Honor the planet.

All funds received will be invested to better our platform and grow our mission to serve the Earth.

  1. Driving the research to audit and manage most urgent projects
  2. Creating awareness, education and change through leadership programs
  3. Engage our global village in a vibrant sustainable eco community

We also run specific programs designed to support indigenous groups desiring to document their traditional cultures and create sustainable solutions to preserve the planet.

We offers a wide range of services to those committed to honoring and protecting our planet.

The Earth Project

  • Eco Conscious Projects & Inventions to Back and Support
  • Premium Packages
  • Membership, Mentorship, & Mastermind Opportunities
  • Sponsorship & Brand Ambassador Opportunities
  • Directory of Companies
  • Green Label Certifications
  • Seed Funding, Product Sales, & Equity Crowdfunding options

Our Green Labels:


What We Can Help You With

Project Growth

  • Project and Business development
  • Strategic Branding
  • Influential Marketing
  • Joint Ventures Opportunities
  • Mentoring and Masterminds


  • Visual Story Branding
  • Web & Digital Concept Development
  • Project Research & Development
  • Storytelling Photography & Cinematography
  • Full Project Documentary


  • Media Positioning and Showcase
  • Strategic Publicity and Press Release
  • Publishing and Copywriting
  • Public Relations
  • Brand Voice

Worlds of innovation

With the purpose of growing your projects in a sustainable way, we continually look for trusted industry leaders to partner with, that offer the best resources out there. Specifically in regards to:

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If you would like to interview the Earth Project founders, add your company to our directory, or even make a donation you can do so by clicking on the contact us button below. 
We look forward to growing a community of conscious individuals who passionately care not only for the environment but one another. 

Help us build a better planet.

Thank you.

The Earth Project Team