The planet is burning.

The planet is burning.

The planet is burning…and nobody seems to be able to do anything about it. 

For the first time in human kind, after thousands of years of growth, organization, collaboration and globalization, our human story, as we have lived it, is coming to an end. The world has a new ruler. Covid 19. Better known as The Coronavirus.

This virus is just the tip of the iceberg of a series of changes that will occur and ricochet with a ripple effect though our entire civilization.

We will be forced to face the most drastic choice of our lives. Being history or survivors.

Now before we come to scenarios such as the Walking dead series, we still have some time. But do we really. And how much ? some say it is already too late….the clock has been ticking and the speed of change is certainly not in our favor.   

For years people and governments have been warned about changes that needed to happen. But very few changed their behavior…The major part of humanity either couldn’t change or didn’t see change as something important enough to consider.

Now that the world has seen images around the world with empty streets, air traffic blocked, schools and public places closed, as if something apocalyptic happened; what are we going to do? When the world comes to a stop, questions start popping in people’s mind at a frequency that defies imagination.

How long will this last? Will I have enough food?

Surprisingly more than food, the first thing that disappeared from store shelves was related to the question : Will I have enough toilet paper ? How much will the roll of paper toilet cost on the black market ? Will this go by the roll or slice of paper?  Do I have a gun to fight for my wipes ?

Is this real or fake news? Is big pharma behind this? Is it skynet?

How much time can we stay home and be self sufficient? What will happen when food runs out and people get hungry?

Well all sorts of crazy and not so crazy questions.

The truth is that nobody really knows.

The only thing that is sure is that humanity is shifting in uncertain times and most of us depend on the modern world that is coming to a stop. Change is the only thing that does not change.

Will Homo Sapiens meet the same fate as Neanderthals ? Is our species going extinct or will we find together the strength to collaborate and create a new world based on a new story, deprived of greed and waste.

A world where common sense is common practice, where we consume with moderation and responsibility, where slow food and meals are celebrated together around a table with a good conversation to bond and socialize instead of fast garbage food filling up people and hospital beds when they die from obesity. 

Let’s face it folks, the system has collapsed. This is not only a depression . It is a real recession that is going to be  harder due to the fact that we have waited to adjust our economies. Always consuming like there was no tomorrow and the planet’s resources were infinite. We have been living in a bubble for so many years.

Corrections needed to be made but as usual the dice were loaded and the game rigged.

You will see real estate, stock market and health care systems crash in no time. 

We are forced to adapt, once more and rewrite the human story. 

A story that shows that we have decided collectively to really care for the planet.

A story where we consider wildlife and natural habitats as precious as newborns.

A story that reveals we can answer to our vital needs with very little and do it in natural ways.

A story that honors and protects the planet. 

If you believe this is possible, join us at the Earth Project and sign the sustainability pledge. Now is the time. You can do this . You should do this. 

For all our children and all our tomorrows. Before you go… It is easier than ever for special interests to spread disinformation on vital issues. To inform the public about what’s really going on, we help experts drill down into the facts.

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