All You Need to Know about Wind Turbines and Their Home Use

Fortunately, wind turbines can be found ever more frequently in various places around the world. Wind turbine farms or parks can now be spotted throughout agricultural or empty plains from the United States, all the way to villages in Europe. The concept of a wind turbine has become so popular, actually, that you can now purchase a wind turbine for home use. On a global scale, environmental awareness is starting to reach a peak and people have begun realizing that protecting the Earth through sustainable energy sources is vital. However, even with the abundance of campaigns and awareness efforts, not all wind turbine facts are widely known. There are still individuals who search for the answers to questions like:

  • How does a wind turbine work?
  • How much energy does a wind turbine produce?
  • How tall are wind turbines?
  • How much do wind turbines cost?

The good news is that, among these inquiries, a great number of people are interested in learning how to build a wind turbine or how they can buy a home wind turbine. The fact that there is an increased interest for wind turbine cost, finding a wind turbine technician, understanding a wind turbine generator and win turbine blade design, building a homemade wind turbine for finding wind turbines for sale can only make us happy.

In this article, you will not only discover how wind turbines work, but you’ll also learn how a small wind turbine can power a home and how residential wind turbines are built. Read everything you need to know about wind turbines for homes below and start making sustainable decisions for a brighter and greener future.

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What is a Wind Turbine?

First things first, let’s define what wind turbines are. It is a machine that uses wind turbine blades to produce electricity. However, there are also bladeless wind turbine models that are available. There are two main kinds of wind turbines: vertical axis wind turbine and horizontal axis wind turbine. To put it simply, a horizontal or vertical wind turbine uses wind power to get the blades moving and generating electricity. Wind turbine companies and wind turbine manufacturers are responsible for wind turbine design and some of the most widespread models on the market, like GE wind turbines or a Honeywell wind turbine. However, modern methods allow you to build your personal wind turbine at home, which we will describe in the last section of our article.

It is one of the most well-known sources of renewable energy that man has access to. This means that it has an infinite capacity of generating electricity, without harming the environment or causing pollution. The fact that wind turbines are trustworthy renewable energy sources has convinced countries on all continents to consider them for electricity.

first automatic wind turbine picture

This is how the first automatic wind turbine looked like.


A Brief History of Wind Turbines

Even though wind turbine efficiency has recently gained immense popularity, the idea of a vertical wind turbine, a mini wind turbine or a rooftop wind turbine has been around for quite some time. We generally see them these days as a vertical wind turbine, a micro wind turbine, a wind turbine kit or other similar forms, but the first wind turbines were windmills. Yes, you might not have associated wind turbines with mills, but the latter systems have been helping us benefit from wind since 500 and 900 A.D.

The very first wind turbine that produced electricity was built by James Blyth in 1887 in Scotland. The first automatic one was built by Charles F. Brush in Ohio, a few months after Blyth created his model. Since then and until now, quite a few records were hit for wind turbines. The largest wind turbine in the world, a vertical axis one, is 110 meters tall and can be found in Quebec.

According to the Global Wind Energy Council, there are currently over 268,000 wind turbines that operate in more than eighty countries around the world.

How Do Wind Turbines Work?

The Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy explains how wind turbines work pretty easily. They describe the process as the opposite steps that a fan takes. In other words, while a fan uses electricity to generate wind, wind turbines work exactly the other way around (using wind to generate electricity). Here are the basic steps that wind turbines go through when generating electricity:

  1. The wind blows and turns the blades.
  2. The blades, placed around a rotor attached to a shaft, spin a generator.
  3. The generator – you guessed it – generates electricity.

It really is as simple as that.

residential wind turbine photo

A residential wind turbine in action.


Residential Wind Turbine: How Much Does a Wind Turbine Cost?

If you are interested in protecting the environment and future generations by living a ‘greener’ life, you can consider browsing through home wind turbines. The cost of wind turbine can vary from seller to seller, but you can search for a wind turbine for sale that fits into your budget. In addition to this, you should also consider long-term costs when getting your wind turbine. It is, after all, a mechanical system that will require maintenance in time. As a general price range, residential wind turbines can cost anywhere between $50,000 and +$80,000. Please be aware that the aforementioned prices are for a 10 kilowatt wind turbine, the kind that you need if you want to live off the grid entirely.

Here are a few tips you should keep in mind when buying wind turbines:

  • Always check for warranty terms and conditions. You are investing in a highly expensive machine and it is normal for it to be warranted. However, not all aspects are covered by a typical warranty (like labor), so be careful before buying.
  • Make sure it’s authorized. Even though a certificate won’t make or break the quality of your wind turbine, it will help you realize how trustworthy the manufacturing company is.
  • Get a second opinion. If this your first time investing in renewable energy sources machines, it’s best to speak with somebody who is familiar with the systems. If you don’t have any personal acquaintances, don’t hesitate to do some online research for unbiased reviews.
DIY wind turbine photo

A DIY wind turbine being built.


DIY Wind Turbine: How to Make a Wind Turbine at Home

Building wind turbines is indeed a complicated process, but it’s not impossible. There are plenty of different varieties you can choose to build and most of them are very self-explanatory. It might help to have a bit of basic knowledge in electronics and how the whole process works, but some DIY wind turbines projects are so detailed that you can even start from scratch.

Here are a few DIY wind turbine projects we recommend for inspiration:

You can also search for additional, step by step guides that will include complete lists of supplies and tools needed. There are plenty such resources to be found online. If all is well, you can power small objects or even your whole home.

We hope that you’ll take this form of renewable energy into consideration for future use. The more we begin using sources like wind power, the more likely we will actually be making a difference in the world.

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